5 Essential Maintenance Tasks to Complete Before a Motoring Holiday

If you are planning an extended road trip and would like to make sure that unforeseen mechanical issues do not ruin your holiday, it is a good idea to perform some basic checks and maintenance work on your vehicle before you depart. Below are what I consider to be 5 of the most essential tasks you should perform, based on my experiences, both good and bad, over the years. There may be many others that you can think of but if you start with these then you should at least be able to avoid any really major hassles whilst you are away.

Essential Maintenance Tasks

1. Check your tyres – in my opinion, and many other peoples as well, tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicles as far as safety is concerned. Worn rubber provides little grip, especially in wet or icy conditions, and tears or bulges in the surface can be a precursor to a catastrophic failure such as a high speed blowout. For these reasons, it really is essential inspect your tyres before a long trip and to replace them if they are found to be defective. Try to avoid buying second hand rubber unless absolutely necessary as you can never be sure how old it is.

2. Check the condition of your battery – you can either use a load tester or a multimeter to check that your battery is holding a charge. In either case, you connect the positive and negative probes / terminals to the corresponding terminals on the car battery and then take a reading. In the case of a load tester, it will have a self-explanatory gauge with coloured sections labelled ‘weak’ and ‘good’ for 12 volt batteries. Just make sure the needle is in the right area and you are good. If you use a multimeter, you are looking for a voltage reading that is close or equal to 12.6V.

3. Inspect the cooling system – it does not matter whether you do this yourself, assuming that you know how to, or take your vehicle to a local service centre to have it checked by a professional mechanic. What is important is that you make sure there are no leaks in your system and that the coolant is clean and in good condition. Cooling systems are the second most common reason for vehicle breakdowns, after tyres, so you can see why it is vital to check yours before setting off on your holiday. If you are planning to take advantage of one of inexpensive wohnwagen mieten deals that German motorists and those from other countries may find advertised locally, it is even more important to check the coolant, to ensure that your car will not overheat under the extra load.

4. Check the transmission fluid level if you have an automatic gearbox – transmission problems may not be as common as tyre and coolant issues but when they do occur they are almost always difficult, time-consuming and very expensive to fix. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your gearbox has sufficient transmission fluid and that it is not discoloured, bubbly, or giving off a strange odour. Any of these symptoms are not a good sign and if discovered, the fluid should be replaced at the earliest possible opportunity. In the event that the fluid is a milky brown colour or contains bubbles, the whole engine should be checked by an expert.

5. Inspect your exhaust system – a visual inspection of the whole system, to confirm that there are no unwanted cracks or holes through which exhaust gases are escaping, is an excellent idea if you are planning a long trip. Exhaust fumes contain the toxic gas carbon monoxide, which could lead to serious illness and even death if you or your passengers are exposed to sufficient quantities of it over a period of time.

If you decide to hire a car rather than drive your own, the company from which you hire it should ensure that it is properly serviced before giving you the keys. However, it may still be worth performing the above checks before you set off on your journey, just to be on the safe side.

Top 5 Hybrid cars of 2014

No one ever imagined that we would have hybrid vehicles operating this year, but top car manufactures have ensured that this has come to pass. We can now witness an amazing technology whereby a vehicle uses two power sources in order to move. These automotives incorporates two combined engines, one operating on electric power while the other using an internal combustion engine. Let us now look at top 5 hybrid cars of 2014 that has left everyone buzzing.

 2014 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

This is a fast moving machine with a sport touch that makes it worth considering for any spirited driver out there. It incorporates a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor that provides it with ample power when in motion. Test drivers agree that this automotive has nimble handling, drives at an amazing speed and has precise steering. Other notable features include:

• Seamless shifts

• Has the ability to out the fuel line and automatically unlock doors in case of a collision

• Du zone automatic climate control

• 6-speaker audio system with touch screen display

 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

This vehicle offers an impressive list of standard features such as high-quality interior and decent acceleration. It also incorporates a 4-cylinder engine and an electric motor with 6-speed automatic transmission. It is able to transition seamlessly between the gas and electric power. Other important features in this automotive include:

• High-quality interior cabin materials

• Well placed and intuitive interior controls

• Heated front seats

• Dual-zone automatic climate control

• Bluetooth

• Satellite radio

2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

This vehicle will surely be uploaded not only for its comfort but also its capability to offer great fuel economy. Also with a 4-cylinder engine and an eclectic motor, the Toyota Avalon offers an adequate acceleration. It rides smooth and offers a touch of class and elegance. It also incorporates features such as

• Supportive and comfortable front and back seats

• Huge trunk space

• Easy to use climate controls

• Rear-view camera

• Audio system with a 6.1 inch touch-screen display

• Bluetooth phone and audio streaming

• Satellite radio

2014 Honda Accord hybrid

Honda Accord offers extraordinary fuel economy, upscale interior and a strong and impressive performance. It has a 4-cylinder engine and also incorporates an electric motor that provides it with ample power. It comes with a seamless start-stop feature and a flawless transition between gas and electric power. Other notable features are:

• Plenty of passenger space

• Bluetooth

• Rear-view camera

• An 8-inch infotainment screen

• Honda-link smartphone app integration

• 7 speaker premium audio system

• Satellite radio

2014 Ford Fusion hybrid

This is a great midsize hybrid vehicle that offers exceptional fuel economy and a quiet powertrain. It has an electric motor and 4-cylinder gas engine that provides it with plenty of power when in motion. It has an undetectable power transmission and 8 standard airbags. Other features include:

• Post-crash alarm system

• Inflatable rear seatbelts

• 6-speaker CD audio system with a Ford’s voice-controlled sync

• Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity

• Rear-view camera

• Adaptive cruise control

• Satellite radio

This year will see the debut of various hybrid automotives that will blow away every driver. These top 5 hybrid cars offers impressive features that perhaps we never imagined could be incorporated in a vehicle. They come with an electric motor and an internal combustion engine for high power and performance. If you want to become a competent driver who understands every aspect of driving, all you need to do is get book driving test and become among top drivers out there.

8 Things to do When Trying to Sell Your Car

There are many reasons why you might need to sell your old car. Perhaps you need money to put towards a newer model or possibly even a brand new one, straight out of the showroom. Whatever your reasons happen to be, it is vitally important that you get the absolute maximum amount for the one that you happen to be selling.


Think Carefully

When trying to sell a car, it can sometimes seem that nobody is interested, and then, when a potential buyer does happen to come along, they are nowhere near meeting your asking price. If you are currently experiencing this particular dilemma, it might well be time to sit down and think carefully about finding a few tips for selling your car. Below is a list of 10 things that you could do that would significantly increase your prospects:

1. Get Organised

Having all your documents in order and neatly contained in a smart new folder would give the impression that you are a person who takes good care of his or her belongings. Such an impression could go a long way towards reassuring any potential buyer as to the genuine condition of the car.

2. Clean It

Giving both the interior and exterior of your car a thorough clean might seem like an obvious measure to take before putting it up for sale but is something that could easily be overlooked if time is short or other matters are pressing. If you happen to be short of time, the services of a local car valeting company could prove to be an excellent option. When cleaning it yourself, pay particular attention to easily overlooked areas such as ashtrays and glove compartments.

3. Take Photos

Take as many photos of your car as possible, the more the merrier. Be sure to include any stains, dents or scratches as this will help to convince potential buyers of your integrity and could even help to avert any embarrassing scenarios later on. If possible, take your photos on a nice sunny day. Any car would look more attractive in bright sunshine rather than drizzly and overcast conditions.

4. Be Realistic

Are you asking too much for your car? Be sure to list your car at the correct price for its year and mileage and then add on some to allow for haggling. By asking too much, you could be putting off potential buyers right from the off.

5. Be Honest

When writing a description of your car for an ad, be sure to point out any dents, stains or scratches that might be present. A potential buyer is likely to trust someone that he or she feels is not hiding anything. Claiming that a car is in immaculate or showroom condition could possibly come across as insincere and potentially off-putting.

6. Look Smart

Have a shave, put on a clean T-shirt and comb your hair. In fact, go as far as to mow the lawn and tidy up the garage. Anything that you can do to create a good impression of yourself will increase your chances of successfully selling your car for the right price.

7. Encourage A Test Drive

One particularly effective ploy would be to encourage a potential buyer to take a test drive before talking business. Let them get a feel for the vehicle and possibly fall for its charms before negotiating a price.

8. Advertise Effectively

The best way to get your car noticed is to advertise it in at least three places. The Internet is the first thing that most people think about when looking to buy practically anything, these days, but local shop window notice boards also attract a great deal of interest. Your local newspaper could also prove to be an excellent place to advertise a used car.


When having trouble selling your car, it is important that you take stock of your options. By making use of the above list of helpful tips, you should find that your chances of making a sale and getting the right price have been significantly improved. Do everything in your power to make your car as attractive as possible to potential buyers but avoid making false claims.

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Three driving school insurance issues which all newly qualified advanced driving instructors need to consider

carBecoming an advanced driving instructor (ADI) is a long yet ultimately very rewarding process. While the incessant training and plethora of assessments can grind even the most enthusiastic of provisional driving instructors down at times, it is fair to say that the ends more than justify the effort required. Of course, it is vital that all successfully qualified ADIs get their paperwork right before they take their career to the next level by launching their very own driving school. Suffice to say, insurance is an integral part of this industry therefore all ADIs absolutely must get themselves covered with premiums which will suit both their own and their clients’ needs. Instructors who endeavour to operate a driving school without the right cover – either through choice or ignorance – will quickly find themselves in hot water, both legally and financially. Read More…

Learning to Drive: Advice on Where to Start

You will not be allowed to legally drive on the road until you have turned 17 and your provisional licence has arrived. From here on in, you will be able to take to the road with very cautious abandon, learning a skill that will open up many potential doors for you and make your entire life far easier.


However, when one is first starting to learn to drive, knowing where to start and how can be confusing. For parents, driving lessons will usually be a distant memory, having been taken many, many years ago, and things will have changed so drastically since then that offering sound and focussed advice can be hard. In turn, even experienced drivers will often be starting from scratch when it comes time to choose a driving school and work out a suitable approach to learning. Read More…

How to Make Your Car Last Longer


Our cars are one of the most expensive things that we own. We rely on them to get us to where we need to go and depend on them to keep us safe. Even though you can’t control ownership costs like gas, repairs and insurance rates, one thing that you can do is make your vehicle last longer. Use the tips below to make your car last longer, and help keep your ride in good condition.

Oil Change and Air Filter

One of the first things that your mom or dad taught you after getting your license was probably how to change your car’s oil and oil filter. Unlike the complex and long process of drilling for oil, which requires wire line wipers, changing your vehicles oil and oil filter should take less than a half an hour. All you need is a socket wrench, new oil filter and a quart of oil.

You know when you need to get oil changes, but do you know when you need to change your air filter? If your air filter is clogged, your engine will not be performing properly, and this will negatively affect your car’s fuel economy. To be safe, check your air filter regularly to make sure it is not clogged with debris.


Another way to take care of your car and make it last longer is to maintain your coolant system. Make sure your car has the proper amount of coolant. By doing so regularly, you will avoid having to get your radiator repaired, which could cost you a nice chunk of change.

Under Pressure

Tires are one of the most neglected parts of the car. As a driver myself, I can say that I do not pay my tires much attention. Yet, it is very important to keep your tires at the right inflation pressure. It’s not only just a safety issue; when your tires are not inflated properly it will hurt your vehicles fuel economy.

Keep It Clean

You want to make sure that you take care of the exterior of your car. By regularly washing and waxing your vehicle, you will keep it looking good longer. This goes for the interior as well. Clean up stains and messes immediately, because the longer you wait the harder they are to remove. Use a vacuum to clean your floor mats and the carpet of your car. Consider using some car care products to help with your clean-up efforts.

Drive Safer and Smarter

If you didn’t know already, the way you drive also has an effect on your car. How you drive affects your gas mileage, and the wear and tear that your vehicle gains.  So, stop speeding up to stop signs/stop lights and slamming on your brakes. By driving smarter and safer, your vehicle and engine will last longer.

Complete Regular Checkups

One of the easiest ways to make your vehicle last longer is by taking it to get serviced regularly. Find a repair shop and mechanic that you trust, and let that repair shop service your vehicle all the time. Think of it as you going to see your doctor for your yearly checkups. When you get sick, you don’t go to different doctors each time, and your car shouldn’t either. By doing so, your mechanic will get to know your vehicle and be able to service it properly each time you bring it in.

The tips above are some of the easiest ways to keep your car running longer and safely. By checking your vehicle regularly, you will be more likely to avoid large repair costs. Think of it as a balance. You depend on your car to get you from point A to point B, and it depends on you to maintain it and keep it in good shape in order to run smoothly•

What Your Car Is Saying About You


Displaying What Your Car Is Saying About You.jpg      A car is more than just a vehicle to get from point A to point B. Purchasing and driving a specific car can be gateway into the find of the consumer who owns the vehicle. Consultants and psychologists help car companies advertise how a car brand or product can be marketed to a particular population. At the same time, these consultants and psychologists can analyze the character, behavior, and other traits from a person based on what kind of car they own. Here are some insights on what your car is saying about you.

Car Color

The color of the motor vehicle can often reflect the owner’s personality. Some psychologists have argued that the color white is associated with people who have a youthful personality. In contrast, a black color could reflect sophistication on the part of the car owner. Other colors, like green, reflect a person who is at their pace culturally, while blue reflects a happy or practical personality.

Attention Grabbing

Beyond color aesthetics, certain car purchases are to grab attention. For example, the entire subset of luxury vehicles may provide a superficial insight on the wealth of a person because of those car brand’s expenses. But, there is a general truth with luxury vehicle: owning one is a sign that the owner is very well-off and wants to invest in desirable car traits that are beyond necessity. In addition, sports car owners are often trying to show an attractive and fast car over and beyond the car’s practicality.

Focus on Practicality

Vehicles like mid-size vehicles to hatchbacks can tell people that the owner cares about other issues in life than their car’s aesthetics. Mid-size vehicles are usually advertised to be beneficial for families, which is why many mid-size owners purchased their vehicle to drive their kids or large families around. Hatchbacks and fuel-efficient vehicles show that the owner cared about fuel mileage as well as the environment when they made their purchase.

Car Accessories

Aesthetic or practical add-ons to a motor vehicle may sometimes give a peak into the owner’s personality. Tire experts in Halifax, such as those at Star Tires Limited, say that wheel rim choices tell a lot about the person who buys them. Owners that want an efficient, fast car usually go with large rims while owners that want fuel efficiency go with lightweight rims.


Consumer science and psychology offers interesting insights in the buying habits of individuals. Over the last few decades, many experts are able to theorize and develop frameworks that can tell people (and advertisers) what a specific car brand or aesthetic will mean about a consumer’s personality. Although not every consumer will fit these molds, some interesting personality findings can be shown when the consumer’s car choice is analyzed.


Keeping Your Rubber Tracks Like New

rubber tracksWhen it comes to using heavy equipment, it is no secret that keeping rubber tracks in good repair can be a challenge.  However, it is critically important to keep maintenance up on them, because the costs of replacement are just too high (especially if you’re still paying retail price and not contracting through a dealer like OnTrac, who averages about a quarter off the list price on tracks for nearly every brand and type of heavy equipment.

To help you get the most out of your purchases – and keep your tracks working and looking like new – we scoured the Internet to find the best knowledge resources we could, then put our heads together, brainstormed a collection of maintenance tips came up with this handy guide to rubber track maintenance.  Let’s get started.

  1. Get the right kind of tracks.  This seems like it’s too obvious, but you would be shocked to learn how many folks out here order the wrong rubber tracks – either for their equipment, or for the surface on which they’ll be operating.  If the equipment will be operating on mud or on uneven terrain, you might need a different tread pattern to give it maximum grip; if the surface is particularly rough, such as sharp, rocky terrain, gravel yards or agricultural areas with leftover stubble, rubber tracks might not even be the best solution – you might have to go with steel.
  2. Make sure the tension is correct.  Without maintaining the right tension, you’re increasing the amount of wear on your tracks (while decreasing your equipment’s efficiency and effectiveness.)  The owner’s manual has all the information you need about rubber tracks – but you can also get the information you need from your dealer or distributor.
  3. Watch your turns.  Your operator should be fully versed in the operation of whatever heavy equipment he or she is using, but a gentle reminder never hurts:  Donuts and turns that are hill-traversing, zero-radius, or particularly fast or sharp wear out the tread unevenly, as does driving the equipment at a higher speed.
  4. Keep your undercarriage in good condition.  You know how tough it can be to keep large objects out of the undercarriage, and to keep it clean and ready for use every single time (especially in places with a lot of mud or on surfaces packed with debris, like grass or crop fields).  Luckily, there is already a handy guide to keeping your undercarriage totally clean and in good repair – which will also help to keep your treads like new.
  5. Rotate the tracks.  To keep the tread wear even, switch them from side to side every now and then.
  6. Forget Armor-All.  If we had a dollar for every time we saw people “maintaining” their rubber tracks with Armor-All (which is designed for tires, not heavy-duty industrial rubber) we’d have retired already.  Ask whomever manufactures your rubber tracks for their list of approved protectants.
  7. Never leave you rubber tracks sitting out.  If you’re not using the machine, the rubber tracks should come off, and go into storage somewhere that is cool and dry.  If tracks are left out in the sun, or in wet, muddy areas, they run the risk of damage or uneven wear.
  8. Always replace rubber tracks in sets.  If one of your rubber tracks breaks or is damaged, you have to replace both of them.  This is a tough one, because it is expensive, but it’s a crucial part of keeping your rubber tracks – and your equipment – in tip top shape.  Running a new track on one side and an old track on the other can cause alignment problems for large equipment like asphalt pavers and excavators, and you’re definitely not going to get even tread wear if you don’t replace your tracks in sets.
  9. Never overload your machine.  There are all kinds of great reasons not to exceed the weight capacity of your equipment, including avoiding engine damage and keeping safety at the forefront of your operations.  However, exceeding the capacity of not just your machine, but your rubber tracks, can lead to costly repairs and damage.

There you have it – nine tips to help keep your rubber tracks working like new.  Did we miss any?  Want to share your thoughts?  Let us know in the comments.

Featured images:

Gabe Coeli has recently started working with rubber tracks and has some tips on how to keep them clean and new.

Here Comes the Best Opportunity for People Looking for Wheelchairs Accessible Vehicles

Are you suffering quiet a bit because of being physically disabled? Wish you have owned a vehicle in which a wheelchair is installed. In such cases, you can surely come up to opt for wheelchair accessible vehicles. This is surely the best option for people who are looking for a convenient vehicle which can help them in moving from here to there despite being physically challenged.

Wheelchairs Accessible Vehicles

This amazing opportunity of hiring a wheelchair vehicle is now open for all those who are in need of becoming independent and dont want to rely upon their relatives, family and friends to take them in their car for their local outing. These amazing wheelchair cars are available at a very reasonable price for people who are disabled and not able to manage few things in life. Read More…