Going Strong for Over 40 Years -Honda Civic

The Honda Civic Hatchback has reached its 40th year on the market. In order to celebrate this milestone, the manufacturer has big things in store for buyers. The brand new Civic Hatchback is being released to the public with an intelligent and edgy television commercial that has recently aired nationally. The advertisement features the catchy slogan “Outsmart the Wind” in order to sway and entice buyers. The commercial itself is entitled “Parachutes,” and it emphasizes the aerodynamic design of the new Hatchback. Also in the forefront of the imagery is the totally made-over design that focuses the style of the Hatchback in addition to the sleek, refined lines.

Honda Civic

As the advertisement progresses, the viewer is taken through a city landscape where every object in sight is restricted by parachutes. However, the new Civic comes tearing through the city unrestricted, leaving everything else in its wake. The concept drives home the idea of leading aerodynamic design hard. Honda’s Marketing Manager for the Australian market has publicly expressed his excitement over the company’s success with combining style and cutting-edge ideas related to wind resistance. The designers at Honda have combined their efforts with the time-tested knowledge of DraftFBC.

This vehicle has been in development for nearly four years. Everyone involved was committed to a clean dynamic that guided every aspect of the project. Critics and reviewers have noted that it possesses a distinctive blend of airplane elements that include wing components which are incorporated seamlessly in the body to give it its superior performance. Formula 1 engineers were also brought in on the project as well. Their contributions to the new Hatchback’s final product gives this vehicle significant advantages over other vehicles of this kind on the market.

Airflow was evaluated from every angle of the car. The top, sides, and beneath the car all work together in order to allow the car to slice through the air with unrestricted ease. One of the unique elements of this new Honda is the under-tray that stretches from bumper to bumper. The aerodynamic advances also allow this Hatchback to excel when it comes to fuel efficiency. The design as a whole continues Honda’s efforts towards stability at increased speeds with a quieter interior at the same time regardless of the speed at which you travel.

The fuel economy as a whole has been improved by 10 percent, making buyers much more comfortable in investing in a type of vehicle that typically struggles in this department. This Civic barely touches fuel on the highway while improved technology under the hood provides power in the city without draining the wallet. A 35 miles per gallon are available to buyers when the figures are combined. Both the automatic and the manual versions of this vehicle enjoy these advantages, giving drivers fun and ability on top of efficiency at every turn. These advances are no surprise given the fact that Honda is the largest manufacturer of engines in the entire world. They also lead the market in automotive research thanks to their substantial number of resources, allowing them to push the limits of automotive development as well. On top of all of these things, Honda consistently receives top ratings from their customers in terms of their satisfaction for nearly all vehicles that they release on the market. In Australia alone, there are well over 400,000 Hondas currently on the road. If you are on the look out for a new one you can use services of car pawnbrokers in Gold Coast or you can get a bank loan to help you financing new vehicle.

This new vehicle has a distinctive and sporty appearance when it comes to the exterior that is complimented by its agile handling and extremely responsive braking. It comes with a new infotainment center on the interior that charms drivers the moment that they hit the road. Under the hood, there is also a brand-new, variable transmission that has five speeds with the automatic option. The power train feels much smoother and as refined as the exterior when compared to previous models of this vehicle. The automatic offering from Honda comes with paddle shifters as well. There is also a sports exhaust system that improves the overall performance of this Honda. It is estimated that this vehicle will race drivers forward from zero to 60 in just around 9 seconds. The design encompasses stiffer springs, better cornering, and 16-inch wheels to entice buyers as well. Despite the size of the vehicle, the driving experience as a whole is one that reflects a light and agile piece of machinery. Buyers can be confident that they will find things in this Honda Hatchback that they would never expect to see in vehicles of this type in the past.

The Trucker’s Guide to Fuel Efficiency

Fuel makes up nearly one third of the annual running costs of a trucking business. Therefore any changes you can make to improve fuel efficiency are going to have a big impact on reducing your overheads.

The infographic below from Truck Locator sets out a clear plan of action for each of the following areas: improving your driving habits, maintaining your vehicle, upgrading your vehicle and using technology. Implement as many of the points as you can and you will be well on your way to lower cost trucking.

Truck Locator Infographic

Infographic Courtesy of Truck Locator

Let’s look at the key areas in-depth.

Improving Your Driving Habits

There is much that can be done on a daily basis to improve fuel efficiency. The first step is to warm up your vehicle for at least five minutes. During this warm up time you can plan your route, so that you get there over the shortest distance but still taking into account any road limitations for heavy goods vehicles, traffic delays and topography. You should also make yourself aware of any bad weather ahead and plan accordingly.

The load on your vehicle will be more efficient if it is low and close to your cab. Air conditioning should be kept to a minimum.

Lastly, it is all about how you drive: accelerate smoothly, avoid excessive braking, improve clutch control, reduce your idle time by switching off your engine when stationary and above all watch your speed, as this can have a dramatic effect on fuel efficiency. For example, reducing speed from 56mph to 50mph can save up to 22% on your fuel consumption.

Maintaining Your Vehicle

Making sure that regular maintenance is carried out on your vehicle is first of all a matter of safety, but it is also striking how much it can have an effect on your overheads.

Tyres should be kept at the recommended psi, as if they fall below this it will lead to drag which in turn will increase your fuel consumption. Keep an eye on your spark plugs as discolouration could mean that your engine is burning too much fuel. Perform more oil changes, particularly in an older truck, and replace air filters regularly.

Upgrading Your Vehicle

Making upgrades to your vehicle will mean upfront additional expenses, however over the course of a year it will lead to substantial savings on fuel, on repairs and on replacement items such as tyres.

Improve your vehicle by adding the following:

· Adequate suspension will mean that your tyres wear out much less quickly, so install air springs

· A performance exhaust is designed to reduce flow resistance and will lead to more mileage for every litre of fuel

· Attach a tailgate cover as this will improve aerodynamics and cut down on drag, which in turn will improve fuel efficiency

Also think about what you can do to lessen weight:

· Remove unnecessary accessories such as bully bars and headache racks

Using Technology

The technology available today makes it easier than ever to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Firstly, road elevation is going to have a big impact on how much fuel you use, so a Topographical Sat Nav system will help you plan out the most efficient route.

Secondly, the more data you can collect on how you are driving and what leads to best fuel efficiency, the better. An MPG Meter will allow you to assess your driving and make improvements in real time.

Thirdly, while an MPG meter can indicate the best style of driving to conserve fuel, a Fuel Mizer can remind you if you are driving outside of this best practice. An alarm will sound, for example if you brake too harshly or accelerate too quickly. Whilst this may be frustrating at the start, it is amazing how quickly the new patterns of driving will become second nature, and the biggest benefit of all will be the fuel you save.

Why Do You Need to Get Your Car Regularly Serviced by Independent BMW Greensboro Servicing Agency?

coolcarhub-2014-range-rover-sport1With a brand new BMW car, having it serviced regularly by the best car servicing expert is the key to ensure that it remains in top condition and lowers down the potential risks of a breakdown. There are people in Greensboro, NC, who use their BMW on a daily basis but will reluctant to get it serviced on a regular basis. However, the truth is, having your car serviced by the best independent BMW Greensboro servicing experts can help you save money in huge and serious repairing. Read More…

What Is Your Engine Trying To Tell You?

Engines make a sound, when they are about to cause any problem. There are a lot of people who check into online sites and with repair people to know why their engine is making a specific kind of noise. Why is this interpretation important? Some problems can be fixed with a small part that you can buy from reputed online sites like carpartkings.com and some need a total engine replacement. You can once again you can choose carpartking.



Sounds and their meaning

Below is the list of common engine sounds and what they infer.

  1. Whirring – this means that there is a problem with the water pump, alternator, power steering pump or the steering fluid is low
  2. Knocking – this means that there is a problem with the timing chain, spark plug or the distributor cap.
  3. Pinging – this means that there is a problem with the transmission mount, crankshaft or the timing gears
  4. Hissing – when your engine hisses, it means that there is something wrong with the cooling system, vacuum line, catalytic converter or the exhaust.
  5. Popping – the popping sound indicates that there is a problem in the air filter, ignition wire, engine compression, ignition module or distributor cap
  6. Grinding or screeching noise – when the sound is heard when you turn the ignition, the problem is with the starter. If you hear the sound when the brakes are hit, then the issue is with the rotor or the brake pads


Why should I know this?

You may have been curious about the engine sound and would have asked a mechanic to look for problems. If he is a trustworthy one, then it is not of a concern. If the mechanic plans on cheating you with a long list of replacements or wants you to change the engine, this list can be helpful.

What to do when your engine makes the sound?

Just turn your back to the sound and pray for it, to go off magically. This would lead to bigger problems and you would be back on some online site to buy a new engine. Instead, you can check why the engine is making a particular sound and get the repair done or buy any replacement parts.

In case of buying parts, it is better to choose high quality parts which suit your car make, model and the year. It is not easy to find such a right fix parts. Instead, you can log into carpartkings.com and let the site do all the work for you.

8 Tips For The Road Safety Of Motorcycle And Motoscooter Drivers

Probably many of you hold moments of silence in memory of a biker and you certainly do not want to add any new names to it. Therefore we thought of offering you some small tips to remind you of what bikers need to do as to stay away from hospitals:

Blind Spot

Blind Spot

  1. If you are in the stage of learning and live in a very populated area, then it would be wise to have an experienced guy next to you that will drive you to a less populated area and teach you the basics of motor-driving. An empty parking spot, for example, would be highly desirable. The streets in your neighborhood could bring complaints from locals (due to noise), plus you’ll have the fork of avoiding parked and incoming cars. It’s good to practice in a quiet place until you really feel like you have control of the motorcycle or scooter. Learn how to stop and start easily and smoothly. It is important to know the exact time that you need to stop safely – do not compare this to stopping an ordinary car.
  2. If this is the first motorbike or scooter that you bought then you should choose a time of the day when streets are not so crowded. If you throw in the streets at rush hour you will be exposed to injury right from your first driving attempt. You can choose from a less-known and quiet area to exercise before you catch enough experience to drive on the highway.
  3. Never become more aggressive near a car, and even more so near a truck. These vehicles will always win in a dangerous situation. It is expected to be so since are larger, heavier and more power. If someone challenges you, then you can alert him via headlights for a couple times and if he does not stop, then it’s best to change your driving band or step aside and leave him free road.
  4. We all know that black is the coolest color for motorcyclists, right? Well, if you go at night in a dimly lit area, it is more important to be seen than to be cool, no matter what your friends say. Make sure the lights are on and your bike or scooter is clean as to assure maximum visibility, but also consider using reflective tape on the back of your helmet.
  5. Studies have shown that wearing reflective vests may increase the distance from which other driver may see you by up to 400 percent. Always use the warning signal when switching bans, and if you go with another passenger, then you can even ask him to signal this change with his hand, as a safety measure. Never mind if other bikers don’t do this, after all it’s your safety in the game.
  6. You may know those stickers applied on trucks that say “If you cannot see my mirrors, this means I cannot see you” or something similar. Well, use the same principle when driving a motorcycle. if you can not see the driver’s face in the rear view mirror of the vehicle in front, chances are you cannot see him at all. Beware of blind spots at all times.
  7. Once you have become an experienced rider on the city streets always leave room for the mistakes of others. Another tip would be to always stay aware and alert if you have to leave your bike on the ground. If you have problems and you have no time to rectify the situation, choose some quite place where to rest your bike. If you choose to continue then the engine may let you down at the least pleasant moment, and this would most certainly result into an accident.
  8. Beginner motorcyclists should not take passengers. This will be done after a certain period of time, once more road experience has been gained. Passenger movements can cause situations where you, as a leader, will lose control, especially at low speeds.

We know that many of you already know these rules and, quite possibly, even some extra ones. But considering the stupid accidents that have killed a lot of young riders in Sydney we believe that their remembrance is welcome at anytime.

As for car drivers, we kindly remind them to look in the mirrors before changing lanes, turning the car around or breaking all of a sudden. Keep in mind that at any time a bike or scooter rider may get right next to you.

Wes Siler wrote great article about  “10 common motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them”.

Behind Venus: Women and The Cars they Drive

Research shows that women seem to look for smaller, stylish, inexpensive, and generally safer vehicles. There is an old saying that women are from Venus. Venus, in Roman Mythology, was a goddess of love, prosperity, and good fortune. By comparison, it seems that women are interested in cars that offer prosperity and a good investment. The chosen cars are safer for the driver and the passengers. So, which vehicles, in particular, appeal to the needs of a woman?

Cars That are Exported to Venus

A study performed by TruCar noticed that women seem to gravitate towards smaller and more fuel-efficient vehicles. TruCar also noticed that most of the vehicles that women looked for were imported. The makes that attracted women the most were Nissan, Kia, and Honda. The makes that attracted women the least were the Jeep, the Buick, and the Chrysler.

The Volvo

The Volvo S40 seems to be one of the vehicles purchased frequently by women. Why, you may wonder? Perhaps this deals with the vehicle’s rating. It is ranked as one of the most dependable and reliable cars on the road. The fuel-efficiency of the vehicle is quite strong as well. Experts have noted that the steering and control of the vehicle is impressive.

The Nissan

Nissan must be mentioned. There is something special about this vehicle manufacturer that seems to attract women. Nissan has four popular vehicles that are purchased by women. There is the Juke, the Rogue, the Versa, and the one that takes the cake is the Nissan Pulsar Hatch that comes with features you would expect from far more expensive vehicles. This vehicle comes with the works. It is a very safe car. It is even equipped with technology to help you prevent accidents. The vehicle comes with anti-locking break, vehicle stability control and break assist. The Pulsar Hatch also comes with a total of 6 airbags. That is safety all around. Comfort is another thing that the Pulsar Hatch will give you.

The Volkswagen

Here is another maker that seems to understand the needs of women, and has been able to supply them. How so? The Volkswagen has two vehicles that are very sought after by women. The two vehicles are the Volkswagen Eos and the Volkswagen Beetle.

If one was to take a closer look at the Volkswagen Eos, we may understand the attraction. For one, it is a very stylish vehicle, and it allows you to be safe, yet still enjoy a little luxury. Most experts agree that this particular vehicle is very safe. It comes equipped with a rollover protection system. This system deploys safety bars, in case of a rollover accident to protect you and your passengers. The vehicle also comes with the Intelligent Crash Response System, which automatically unlocks doors, turns your hazard lights on, and even cuts your car’s fuel line in case of an accident.

If you are interested in the Volkswagen Beetle, you will enjoy many of the same perks that were mentioned about the Volkswagen Eos. There are differences, like the style. The Beetle also comes highly equipped with controls that increase your comfort. The controls include heated seats and the ability to connect your vehicle to your phone or tablet. You may be able to check on your car’s security and maintenance. You will also have the ability to opt for a sunroof or a rear-view camera. The Beetle is definitely another car with the right kind of perks.

Most of this cars are available as used cars on car loots or personal ads, so it is advisable to consult car mechanics before you opt for a used vehicle. If you don’t have time to search yourself you can hire company like Car Search Brokers in Brisbane, or your local car brokers and they will search for your desired vehicle and contact you when your requirements are met.

Image source

How Can Social Media Help You to Increase Your Car Sales?

how social media helps increase your car salesManaging or owning a car dealership is no simple task nowadays. To stay competitive in the industry, which seeks innovation and takes effort constantly, you need to keep updated with the trends always. You need to do your business in a decent way. You must be able to provide your clients with all the correct car models and most importantly, you have to put your business name on the Google map and transform into a famous brand. You may now ask, “How to do so?” A solid social media presence can do the magic! Read More…

Lost Your Car Keys? How to Get Into Your Car without Damaging It!

Lost your car keys at the shops or left them inside the car and can’t get into it? It happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating!

Before you take a boot or fist to your car in frustration, or even worse, smash your car’s window, you need to stop, take a few deep breaths – you could chant a calming mantra if you find that works – and consider your options.Lock-Outs2

Use a shoelace to open the door

If you don’t have a door stop/wooden wedge and a long metal rod handy, as many of us don’t, you can actually use a shoelace to open the door of your car. Wearing high heels or flip-flops? Skip this method and move onto the next!

Now bearing in mind that this won’t work on every car – the older the car the greater your chances of success – and that you should only try this on your own car, it’s one of the easiest ways to gain access to a car’s interior without causing any damage in the process.

Create a slipknot with your shoelace, place it at the top right hand corner of the door and try to wiggle it down inside the car and over the lock button. Once it’s over the lock button, pull the other end to tighten the slipknot, pull it up and – hopefully – voila, you’re in!

The rod and screwdriver method

This is definitely one of the most successful methods that you can use, though bear in mind that this particular method also has the greatest potential to cause damage to both the interior and exterior of your car, so watch a tutorial video on YouTube beforehand if you’re going to attempt to break into your car this way.

So what do you need? All you need for this method is a Phillips head screwdriver, a long steel rod or pole and the desperation to get into your car before it rains or the police drive past on their daily patrol, not to mention being spied by security at the car park; though as it’s unlikely that you’ll have either a Phillips head screwdriver or a long steel rod or pole handy, chances are you’ll have to notify them of your problem to borrow the required tools in the first place.

The coat hanger method

This method is easily one of the oldest in the book, though once again, only use it on your car, and with that in mind, it would be a wise move to ensure that the car you’re attempting to break into is actually yours, so perhaps check the license plate twice before getting started.

Untwist the coat hanger whilst keeping the hook on the end, insert it into the weather stripping on the window near the lock, jiggle and wiggle it about a bit – or a lot – until you find the internal locking mechanism and you should be able to pull the lock up.

Bear in mind that this method doesn’t work with plastic coat hangers, something that should become immediately obvious the moment you attempt to untwist it and it breaks apart in your hands.

Call a locksmith

If you don’t fancy your chances at making it as a car thief, you could always admit defeat – before or after you get started – and call auto locksmiths in Brisbane, make your way to a café on Albert Street or the Queen Street Mall if you’re in the CBD, order a latte and wait for them to arrive.

Their professional services will set you back more than the price of a coat hanger – you could always bend it back in shape and use it again – but at least you’re guaranteed access to the interior of your car without damaging it, which is something that many people find themselves doing in the process, especially when using the rod and screwdriver method explained above.

And if you were considering the ‘tennis ball method’, aka the ‘Hail Mary method’, think again – it’s myth that’s been debunked in splendid fashion by the guys at Mythbusters; and anyway, how many of us actually have a tennis ball in our pockets when we go shopping?

TOP 10 Most Often Rented Cars Around The World

A rental car since long time ago has become an indispensable thing for many people, and especially for those who cannot imagine their life without traveling.

And actually, it’s true, because rental car provides an ability to move from place to place quickly and with comfort. Moreover, it can turn your usual trip into an amazing fairy tale, because you can drive wherever you want and visit any attractions you like.

As you know, car rental service is a high-developed structure today. You can rent a car in more than 175 countries around the world.

Car rental companies have prepared hundreds of different vehicles for their clients. But would you like to learn what rental cars are the most popular all over the world?


Well, here’s the list of TOP car rental choices in different countries:

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4 Chrysler Accessories You Cannot Do without

If you’ve Chrysler 300 or Town and Country, there are a range of accessories that you can add, so as to add flare to your vehicle. There are several authorized dealers have all the best Chrysler accessories at unbeatable prices. The performance kits, air intakes, and interior and exterior look enhancers help you create your own style and ride statement. Irrespective of the vehicle you own, you’re sure to find popular stuffs, such as grilles, rims, and wheels. Change the look and feel of your car to fit your lifestyle with genuine accessories.

Customizing Your Chrysler

Customizing the vehicle that fits one’s style and personality is the most rewarding thing. You need to spend quality time on researching the perfect car and right accessories to personalize it. Chrysler is loaded with meaty amenities, which distinguish a luxurious, divine automotive.

Look for authentic accessories that add serious luxury to your car…

Purchasing accessories to upgrade exterior and interior of your car is a significant purchase. Choose the right place to buy in order to make your investment worth. Look for affordable custom accessories and parts to enhance your ride, creating a practical and sensible styling theme, which marks your own style statement. Before everything, create an affordable and realistic budget scheme to aid your customizing effort.

You could find many dealers and in order to find the best one that suits your styling theme or ideal budget, begin by exploring the options available to you-

Waterproof Vehicle Cover

Image Credit @ http://www.ecarcaretips.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/waterproof-car-covers.jpg

The custom made, all-weather waterproof cover is a must-have accessory if you own cars, like Chrysler 300. The premium cover features storage bag for safe keeping and it also offers protection against frost, rain, tree sap, bird droppings, sunlight, dust, and dirt. The material won’t harm or scratch vehicle’s coat/paint finish. It offers 100 percent UV protection and can be used on daily basis. It prevents break-ins and theft by keeping the personal stuffs out of sight.

Chrome Bumper Trim

Image Credit @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/leecannon/5013375736/

Image Credit @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/leecannon/5013375736/

The chrome finished bumper trim adds flashy style to your vehicle; since it is made up of high-quality ABS material, it comes for longer duration. The 2-PC set installs easily and quickly with auto-grade adhesive. With brilliant finish and durable construction, it’s the best and affordable approach to enhance the look and feel of a vehicle.

Chrome accessories aren’t inexpensive, but can be found at reasonable costs. Since they don’t easily break or rust, they’re the wisest choice over plastic or other metal accessories.

Rearview Monitor System

Image Credit @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/38492148@N02/3728401516/

Image Credit @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/38492148@N02/3728401516/

You’ve the best-in class vehicle and added exterior accessories that enhance the appearance. Why not invest on safety device? A high-tech, wide-angle rearview camera improves the visibility of rearview, offering a clear view of rear obstructions. The backup camera kit can be paired with Bluetooth phones for vehicles having no JHC or RSP.

Interior Lighting System

Image Credit @ http://static.zigwheels.com/media/content/2013/Dec/mercedes-benz-s-class-2014-review-road-test-14122013-m24_560x420.jpg

Image Credit @ http://static.zigwheels.com/media/content/2013/Dec/mercedes-benz-s-class-2014-review-road-test-14122013-m24_560x420.jpg

Yet another must-have accessory that illuminates the interior of Chrysler! The ambient LED lights add perfect amount of lighting to both driver and passenger seats. The high/low intensity and color setting allows you to choose the right interior ambience.

There is a broad selection of accessories and parts for Chrysler vehicles and above mentioned can truly enhance the performance and look of your car.

If you need to add an accessory or some sort of specialized parts, dedicated for your Chrysler, then comment us below or you can also visit http://autopartstoys.com/.