TOP 10 Most Often Rented Cars Around The World

A rental car since long time ago has become an indispensable thing for many people, and especially for those who cannot imagine their life without traveling.

And actually, it’s true, because rental car provides an ability to move from place to place quickly and with comfort. Moreover, it can turn your usual trip into an amazing fairy tale, because you can drive wherever you want and visit any attractions you like.

As you know, car rental service is a high-developed structure today. You can rent a car in more than 175 countries around the world.

Car rental companies have prepared hundreds of different vehicles for their clients. But would you like to learn what rental cars are the most popular all over the world?


Well, here’s the list of TOP car rental choices in different countries:

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4 Chrysler Accessories You Cannot Do without

If you’ve Chrysler 300 or Town and Country, there are a range of accessories that you can add, so as to add flare to your vehicle. There are several authorized dealers have all the best Chrysler accessories at unbeatable prices. The performance kits, air intakes, and interior and exterior look enhancers help you create your own style and ride statement. Irrespective of the vehicle you own, you’re sure to find popular stuffs, such as grilles, rims, and wheels. Change the look and feel of your car to fit your lifestyle with genuine accessories.

Customizing Your Chrysler

Customizing the vehicle that fits one’s style and personality is the most rewarding thing. You need to spend quality time on researching the perfect car and right accessories to personalize it. Chrysler is loaded with meaty amenities, which distinguish a luxurious, divine automotive.

Look for authentic accessories that add serious luxury to your car…

Purchasing accessories to upgrade exterior and interior of your car is a significant purchase. Choose the right place to buy in order to make your investment worth. Look for affordable custom accessories and parts to enhance your ride, creating a practical and sensible styling theme, which marks your own style statement. Before everything, create an affordable and realistic budget scheme to aid your customizing effort.

You could find many dealers and in order to find the best one that suits your styling theme or ideal budget, begin by exploring the options available to you-

Waterproof Vehicle Cover

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The custom made, all-weather waterproof cover is a must-have accessory if you own cars, like Chrysler 300. The premium cover features storage bag for safe keeping and it also offers protection against frost, rain, tree sap, bird droppings, sunlight, dust, and dirt. The material won’t harm or scratch vehicle’s coat/paint finish. It offers 100 percent UV protection and can be used on daily basis. It prevents break-ins and theft by keeping the personal stuffs out of sight.

Chrome Bumper Trim

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The chrome finished bumper trim adds flashy style to your vehicle; since it is made up of high-quality ABS material, it comes for longer duration. The 2-PC set installs easily and quickly with auto-grade adhesive. With brilliant finish and durable construction, it’s the best and affordable approach to enhance the look and feel of a vehicle.

Chrome accessories aren’t inexpensive, but can be found at reasonable costs. Since they don’t easily break or rust, they’re the wisest choice over plastic or other metal accessories.

Rearview Monitor System

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You’ve the best-in class vehicle and added exterior accessories that enhance the appearance. Why not invest on safety device? A high-tech, wide-angle rearview camera improves the visibility of rearview, offering a clear view of rear obstructions. The backup camera kit can be paired with Bluetooth phones for vehicles having no JHC or RSP.

Interior Lighting System

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Yet another must-have accessory that illuminates the interior of Chrysler! The ambient LED lights add perfect amount of lighting to both driver and passenger seats. The high/low intensity and color setting allows you to choose the right interior ambience.

There is a broad selection of accessories and parts for Chrysler vehicles and above mentioned can truly enhance the performance and look of your car.

If you need to add an accessory or some sort of specialized parts, dedicated for your Chrysler, then comment us below or you can also visit

New driver? Find out how much you could save with Pass Plus

carIf you’re learning to drive, you’ve probably got your eye on a car at the other side. You’re also probably a teenager or a twenty-something, which, coupled with your identity as a new driver, will mean that your insurance premiums will be sky high! That probably seems pretty unfair: after all, you’re a good driver, and you’ll be driving right after passing your test, so you’ll be cautious and follow the rules. Many of us don’t start driving until our twenties precisely because we know we’ll never be able to afford to get insured on a car we’d be seen dead driving. But most insurance companies will see you as a liability because so many new drivers in your age bracket have accidents early on… even though they don’t know yet whether you’ll be one of them. Read More…

Common Myths About RV Covers

rvcover_2People from all walks of life enjoy time spent travelling in their recreational vehicle (RV). Perhaps you have retired, and taking your RV to sunny destinations during cold winter months is perfect for your situation. Maybe you have a family, and travelling with your RV is a great way to show the country to your children in affordable, comfortable style. Regardless of why you decide to own and travel RV style, there are some common misconceptions about the time your RV is not in use, that can potentially reduce future usability of your RV. Here are 3 common myths about RVs that everyone should know. Read More…

Beginner’s Style: What Should Be Your First Choice of Car?

Learning to drive can be a stressful process. If you are learning as a teenager, this is probably one of your first contacts with the type of responsibility that will follow you throughout your life. On the other hand, if you are catching up with the rest of the world and trying to obtain the licence later in life, you suffer the pressure all the late learners face.


So, once you are past this difficult period and you are holding your licence firmly in your hands, what’s the next logical step? Buy the car, of course, but which car? The choice of manufacturer and design is largely the matter of personal preference, but should a beginner driver look for some specific characteristics for their first car. In this article, we will try to answer to that question by asking a couple of questions more and giving some useful tips.

What car did you drive during the course?

For many fresh-out-of-driving-school drivers, this is one of the crucial questions. Learners grow accustomed to the first car they control. Sometimes, however, we are not able to afford the car model we drove in school. Schools like Ltrent in Sydney have in their car park a variety of modern models available for lessons, but what if our budget does not allow us to buy an equivalent of the school models?

Manual or Automatic?

There are many pros and cons for both of the transmission control systems, but, seen from the perspective of beginner driver, there are two points which need to be seriously considered. To get the most out of your car’s engine, it is better to go for manual transmission. However, automatic transmission gives the newbie opportunity to focus on other important aspects of driving, like steering or minding other traffic participants. Potential problems with automatic transmission? It can spoil a driver – and if that driver ever needs to make a switch to manual, problems in focus on driving are bound to occur.

Safety must be the highest priority

Although the safest cars out there are almost never the coolest cars out there, safety needs to be first on your mind. A good tip here would be to find a model which has ESC, which is short for electronic stability control. This system is created to anticipate potentially dangerous situations and react in order to prevent accidents before the driver is even aware of the danger. ESC detects when the car suddenly loses control or traction and makes the necessary corrections, which is a great thing for everybody, but especially for inexperienced drivers.

Big or small car?

Bigger cars tend to be more stable, however, they are often much more difficult to control. Smaller cars are great for city rides and are generally much easier to handle, but they are weaker players in potentially critical situations. The answer to the question, therefore, should be – it is a matter of personal preference. The driver needs to weigh the pros and cons and look at them through their own personal prism.

Top Ways to Make Your 4×4 (and Yourself) Happy

Talking to four wheel drive owners about all the joys four wheel drives bring is a little bit like talking to a kid eating a chocolate about how sweet and tasty it is. Everybody who has ever owned a 4×4 or had a ride in it knows the feeling of freedom and power it brings.

This article, therefore, will not talk too much about that. In the next few paragraphs, however, we will present you with a couple of tips and accessories necessary to get the most out of your wheeled pet.

In order for the list to be as concise and informative as possible, we consulted with the most knowledgeable people we know regarding this matter – our local mechanics from Tyre King Seven Hills shop – and here is what they had to say.

Exterior Accessories

1) Front, Side and Rear Protection

It does not need to be emphasized how much protective shields can be useful for your 4×4, especially if you are one of those caring owners who do not want to see their loved car scratched or, god forbid, deformed. Since, by definition, most of the 4×4 owners fall into this category, it is easy to assume that front, side and rear protection is among the bestsellers in the dedicated stores everywhere.

2) Roof Racks

Installing drawers in your storage space, though by all means useful and recommended, tends to take away cargo space for bulky items you might need on your journey. Installing a roof rack will, therefore, enable you to add some more storage capacity to your car. Bring a couple of bikes and enjoy a pleasant ride in the wilderness.

3) Airflow Snorkels

More demanding rides in extreme weather conditions require better engine cooling systems. When your car cannot cool itself anymore, it is time to buy and install airflow snorkels. Some people might find their appearance a bit too much, but many consider them a cool addition to the general image of a beast machine.

4) Repair Tools

In the end, we list possibly the most important piece of equipment every driver (not just a 4×4 owner) must have – a comprehensive set of tools. Remember that you are going away from the civilization and that the possibility of finding a mechanic hundreds of miles away from the closest settlement can be a bit difficult. This is why it is extremely important that you possess enough knowledge and equipment to help yourself when the time comes.

Interior Accessories

5) Drawers

Compartmentalizing your space is crucial when you are heading for long trips into wilderness. There are always so many things you might need and putting them all together can create problems later, when you need to find them. Installing drawers into your storage space is easy and hassle free, and can help you a lot in organizing.

6) Navigation

Navigation has become a must have for every car driver who uses their car for longer trips. 4×4 owners can benefit immensely from such devices, because they tend to drive their cars on desolate terrains in which navigating by sight usually becomes impossible. Navigation devices can be found in pretty much any 4×4 accessories store in the world, so it is not difficult to find the one that fulfills all your needs.


3 Tips for Buying a Car from a Private Seller

A used car is a wise buy for any would-be car owner who wants to make significant savings on the purchase. A car is inherently expensive, but when it is a couple of years old, its price drops immensely to within an affordable range. If you are looking to buy one a private seller is among your options. Unlike used car dealerships, a private seller would be more inclined to offer you a better price. But this potential to save money comes with a risk.

Get acquainted with the car

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to get to know the car that you are going to buy. Even if you are not particularly willing to invest much in the purchase, find out as much as you can about the car. As enthusiastic drivers, you can say, we want any car, but this does mean that you should make any mistakes buying it.

we want any car, car buy uk

Inspect the car thoroughly to become aware of its shortfalls. Have a mechanic do it for you if you are unconfident in your skills. Dig up the cars history and find up all about its past life/lives. An independent report is comprehensive, but expensive. If possible, ask the seller to provide the records. If they know their trade they will have all the paperwork ready for you. Check the car’s logbook and validate it. Check if the VIN matches the actual number.

Get acquainted with the private seller

Why are they selling the car? Did they get a low trade-in value? Have they lost any more use for the car? Is this the first used car they are selling? Finding out their intention will forestall any chance of buying a car that is being sold because of its mechanical faults.

Ensure they are the real owner of the car. All the paperwork should have their names on it. Working with the actual owner of the car will confine them legally, so they won’t oversell the car or sell it in an unworthy state as both are legal offences.

Ask as much as you can about the car. Where was it purchased from? What is the economy like? What kind of oil is regularly used? This will help you understand the condition the car is in. Ask for a test drive, and while on the road, try to learn as many attributes of the car as you can.


If everything else checks out, the negotiations will be the last hurdle to overcome. If you display your affection for the car too soon, the seller might exploit this advantage. Ask what the seller is willing to part with the car for. Be confident with your counteroffers and always be willing to walk away if the price exceeds your budget.

As a rule, never buy a used car the first day you see it. You should test drive it more than once before you close in on your decision. Compare different deals from within your area and beyond to see the best ones.

Hero Xtreme vs Hero Ignitor – A comparison

bikeHero Moto Corp is the largest two wheeler manufacturer in the world. Hero brand has 17 vehicles in the 100 to 220 cc segments. Hero Xtreme is a 150 cc commuter bike and the Hero Ignitor a 125 cc commuter bike which are popular among these. Read More…

Should You Buy a Used Car?

It really is the age old question- should you get a used car or get a brand new one? While the allure of a new car is undeniable, with its extended warranty and the intoxicating new car smell, it is not very financially practical. A used car in good condition will offer the same level of service but without costing you a small fortune. Times are dire, and if getting a car with a five digit odometer reading means saving you a significant sum, you should be amendable to the idea of buying used.

used cars scunthorpe, buy used cars in uk

Why a Used Car Makes Sense

There are more used cars Scunthorpe than you can count. This abundance will spoil you for choice. A new car that would have otherwise been outside your reach becomes more affordable when it’s used thanks to the factor that is depreciation. A new car, once driven off the dealership loses a significant percentage of its value. This could be thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds depending on model, resale value notwithstanding. Still not convinced that you should buy used? Well, consider that:

Cars Today Are Built To Last

A two or three year model will still be in a great running condition. Manufacturing standards are steadily increasing, and even a four year old car will still have many years ahead of it. If you are careful enough to buy a well maintained car, the running costs won’t be vastly different from someone who bought a new one.

You’ll be sheltered from the depreciation

The worst of the depreciation will have been suffered by the original car owner. The car will still lose value once it is in your possession, but minimally. If the car has a great resale value, you’ll hardly be affected by its depreciation when you finally decide to sell it.

You can still get warranty cover

A three year old car might still be covered in the original warranty once you buy it. If it is transferrable, you’ll get a cover that will afford you some peace of mind. This will mitigate your running costs, as most of the maintenance costs will be covered.

It will cost you less to insure

A used car typically costs less to insure, regardless of whether it’s a luxury model or not. Its depreciation will be reflected in the insurance cover. Your premiums will be cheaper. In the bigger picture, this means that the ownership costs will be more manageable.

It will be easier to get financing

Used car financing deals are more abundant. This is especially important for buyers with a less than perfect credit rating. Since it costs less to buy this car, many financiers will be more willing to stand by you, since the risk is somewhat smaller. If you can put up a sizeable deposit, financing for used cars Scunthorpe is almost guaranteed.

So in response to the titular question, the answer is yes, you should buy a used car. If you don’t care about owning the latest model, you’ll be contented because the benefits of buying used greatly outweigh the risks.

Car Tyres Advice for Dummies


823533_63643748Drivers come from all walks of life and have all kind of affinities (or lack thereof). Not everyone can be an expert in automotive matters and the fact is – almost everyone needs a car these days. A certain amount of knowledge about cars is nevertheless necessary for every driver, in order for him or her to be able to respond to possible (and even likely) challenges which will come along the way. In this article, we will try to cover one of the most important parts of road vehicles, one without which rides would be significantly more bumpy and dangerous – the car tyre. Here are a couple of things to get you started on this topic:

Performance of the car largely depends on the performance of the tyres

Tyres suffer immense pressure every moment we are on the road (and even when we are parked). They are made of durable materials; however, those materials are prone to wearing off. Once your tyres are worn off, the traction they are able to create is decreased as well as the car’s braking ability. This can significantly compromise safety, so make sure you regularly monitor your tyres and perform timely changes, because this is the only way to solve the aforementioned problems which always follow “bald tyres”.

Watch out for thread differences

Tyre threads are very important for the overall stability and integrity of tyres. A single pair of tyres should have the same thread pattern as differences in thread patterns can signify misalignment. Make sure you inspect your tyres carefully. If you are a 4×4 owner you should know that mud tires, popular 4wd accessories, need special attention as well, since they the axles on these vehicles tend to suffer much more damage over time, due to often difficult driving conditions.

Tyre lifespan reducing factors

The factors which can significantly reduce the lifespan of your tyres are quick acceleration and bad braking habits. Overly or insufficiently inflated tyres are also more prone to defects, so make sure you know the recommended level for your particular brand. In order to help you, tyre manufacturers came up with a sticker which is usually somewhere on the tyre and has a code which contains all the necessary information. Your local mechanic will know how to read this code and will help you prepare your tyres in the best possible way. In case you are curious, there is plenty of material on the internet to help you decipher the code yourself.

A few more points of concern

– Inspecting your tyres should become your second nature. When checking for the aforementioned thread marks, pay attention to the rest of your tyre as well. Do you see blisters or bulges on the body of the tyre? Or maybe some cracks on the sidewalls or on the patterns? These, when serious enough, can all be the signs that your tyres need to be changed.

– Maintain constant air pressure. Fluctuations in pressure can be detrimental to your tyres’ health. Most gas stations have the equipment which will let you check the pressure yourself and enable you to react in a timely manner.