Car sales is a highly competitive field, as multiple dealers are typically competing for the same customers. However, even if a dealership offers the best prices in town, it does little or no good unless customers find their way to the showroom. For this reason, strategic marketing and expert SEO techniques are essential to virtually any dealer. Below are three ways to attract and retain customers.

Vehicle Ads

Placing an advertisement on a company vehicle that is frequently driven throughout the community is a form of freestyle marketing that almost always offers a good return. Whether going on an errand to pick up parts, offering a customer a ride home or simply driving around town, a car that features an ad for the showroom can have a huge impact.

Decals can be used or ads can be painted on the vehicle. In addition to using the company car for this type of marketing, a dealer may also gain permission to place ads on other peoples’ vehicles: numerous individuals allow advertisements to be placed on their cars for a mutually agreed upon fee.


Most car dealers enjoy more growth and higher profits by using an easy to navigate, well-designed website. This means attention must be paid to search engine optimization, (SEO), to help the site rank in Google. Most consumers search online for nearby dealerships when shopping for a vehicle. According to Reuben Hosler, Montreal SEO expert, the two critical aspects of SEO are keyword placement on your website and inbound links from relevant third-party websites.

SEO, however, can be somewhat complicated, and therefore many car dealers choose to outsource this area of their marketing to a professional SEO company. An SEO expert at a reputable company can ensure the best possible return on a website or blog.


One of the best ways to impress future and current customers is to be seen in a charitable light. Numerous opportunities of this type exist in any community, and dealerships that are willing to lend a helping hand are typically noticed by far more people than dealerships that keep a low profile.

Car dealers may choose to provide services or donate time during special occasions in the community. They may also loan cars for charitable events, or simply donate to a good cause in the name of the dealership.

Although selling carsĀ can be a challenging occupation, any dealership can enjoy success by making the most of the advertising opportunities, fine-tuning search engine optimization and maintaining a positive presence in the community. When these strategies are embraced, virtually any car dealer can rise above the competition and give customers a reason to
choose his or her showroom.

3 Marketing Tips For Car Dealers