2017 is undoubtedly an innovative year. Not just the vehicle industry has literally skyrocketed, offering more innovation than ever before, but also the tire market has gone wild. Custom tires and wheels are the new fad this year.

If your car is your joy and pride, you are probably eager to discover the latest trends in the tire market this year. Choose any of these cool trends to beautify your drive and personalize your vehicle so it stays out of the crowd.

1. Monoblock wheels: one piece monoblock wheels are highly popular in 2017 due to the increased safety and reliability they offer. To top it all, they are made from advanced alloys and composites for additional endurance and gorgeous design. Go on Discount Tire (discounttire.com) and choose your favorite monoblock wheels from a wide variety of tires and wheels.

2. Visualization software: another huge trend in the tire industry is the visualization software called iConfigurator. Using this unique software, you can see in virtual reality how a specific tire and wheel might fit your vehicle.

This vehicle customization tool is just gorgeous, providing an interactive way to manage your options and select the most suitable tires for your needs. Request this tool from your dealer or retailer and try out various options before buying your new set of tools.

3. Online shopping: and lastly, online shopping for tires has reached astronomical proportions. Experts estimate that online tire sales could exceed 40% of the total market share by 2019. According to Hank Feldman, the CEO of Performance Plus Tire, brick-and-mortar stores are only able to survive because customers can’t replace or repair tires online.

There are many places online where you can buy new or used tires, but we strongly recommend Tire Rack. On Tirerack.com you can select your favorite tires out of thousands of models while saving money with the discount codes offered. You can also order online and pick up the tires from the closest Tire Rack store.

Discover 3 Cool Trends in the Tire Market in 2017