Fast Cars: Not Just for Men Anymore

Woman driving a Corvette, after Edward Penfield

Fast Cars: Not Just for Men Anymore

Today’s woman has the need for speed and sports cars can hold just as big of an appeal for them as they do for men. As many career women make their mark in the business world and get married later in life, they have more money to spend on luxury items.

The thrill of a fast car is beckoning to most, and you’ll be surprised at the numbers who ditch comfort and reliability in favor of sporty and fast.

The Appeal of Sports Cars

Men have always been known as having a passion for handling something shiny and fast when traversing the open highways. However, a new survey focuses on the appeal of speed and sports cars for women today.

With this newly found power and freedom, women are making a greater impact on the sports car demand currently than that of males. As more and more women invest in themselves, their need for luxurious items such as a sports car increases. This is no longer a mid-life crisis purchase for female individuals today.

A fast sports car makes a great purchase for female drivers who are at a profitable income level to enjoy the rewards of their labors. It’s also the right purchase for those who have raised a family but want to enjoy pampering and life’s indulgences.

Another factor is the economic downturn where men lost more jobs than women during the recession. As the salary rate of women continues to grow, you’ll see a significant change in the number of sporting vehicles owned by females compared to men.

Most Popular Cars of Choice

As women reassess their needs; they are focusing on items that they’ve always longed for such as a fast car. The Porsche was once a male dominated vehicle, but it now sees women as the top purchaser in today’s automobile industry. The sleek design and mountable horse power makes it a favorable pick for women.

Other cars enjoying a substantial increase due to the rise in women sports car drivers include Chevrolet Corvette, Mercedes S Class, Infiniti G37, and the BMW M Series. To some women, these cars are synonymous with “sexy.”

Speeding Accidents

As women take over the roadways in cars that exceed safe speed limits, the rate of accidents for female drivers increases. Florida speeding ticket attorney firms have seen an increase in speed related cases.

A recent car accident in Miami, Florida had a woman clocked in going faster than conditions allowed. As she lost control of the car, she hit another vehicle and caused the driver to spin around and run into a tree.The force of the crash caused the injured party to suffer injuries that were beyond help, and the patient died as a result of the accident.

For this reason, it’s important to follow safety guidelines when maneuvering a fast sports car that has speed levels that can go beyond what’s allowed on the highways.

Women enjoy a sports car for the same reason a man does, but they are no longer happy to be limited to just a spectator. As their needs change and finances grow, they want to get in on the thrill and experience the speed and power behind the wheel of these amazing vehicles.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer and a lover of fast cars and speed. She contributes this articles to hone in on the need for safety while driving a fast car. Florida speeding ticket attorney Katz & Phillips, P.A. has years of experience defending the legal rights of motorists charged with driving sporty cars beyond the speed limit.

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