Features of the New Mondeo from Ford

new mondeoThe new Mondeo is a jewel. It has fine lines, great features and offers the best service. It has been unveiled and is expected to hit the market at the close of 2013. The fifth generation model will be offered with three four-cylinder engines that will be charged through a turbo.

Ford has said that the Mondeo will unarguably become the first model from the company that will feature an integrated rear link suspension configuration. This has been designed to deliver dynamic performance with great comfort and noise elimination. The introduction of this new and expensive brand is an attempt by Ford to adequately compete with other premium brands like BMW.

The Mondeo engine

Its engine capacity is expected to be 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol with a capacity to produce approximately 133 kilowatts of power at 6000rpm and 240Nm of torque output. It will have the usual petrol and diesel engines but there will be a new hybrid model that will save on fuel to a great extent.

As is the norm with many classic cars from Ford, the car will have a sync connectivity system that adopts a voice control feature to allow for linking of the car’s functions with phones or laptops. The sync system also allows for Wi-Fi connectivity which allows the user to connect to the internet even when driving along.

The safety equipment includes a cruise control that helps to keep a safe distance from the car in the front. It has a warning feature that alerts the driver on lane switching and notifies of any vehicles within the car’s blind spot.

The new Mondeo will include a Vignale model, which is basically a family car with many premium features. It will have chrome door handles with a new grille and 20-inch alloy wheels.

The vehicle comes with a six-speed manual gear box with an optional power shift transmission system. There will also be a diesel model with an automatic gearbox that will be offered with a four-wheel drive.

The external features of the new Mondeo

The external features of the vehicle include 20-inch alloy wheels, chrome door handles with a front bumper and newly designed fog lights. The interior comprises leather confinements with luxury floor mats that provide a soft touch on the dashboard and steering wheel. The new design resembles the Ford Fiesta with stylish grilles and sleek headlights. The car’s rear end is fitted with new taillights and a classic-looking lower bumper.

The comfort in the inner side will be enhanced by the presence of inflatable seat belts which have been designed to minimize injuries in case of a collision. These seat belts lower the impact in case of an accident by up to five times when compared with the traditional seat belts. The interior comes with unprecedented levels of comfort with a large space that has been designed in quality craftsmanship. This includes the application of soft materials with very moderate finishes that contribute to the new Ford experience.

The vehicle is expected to retail close to the current Mondeo’s price tag, averaging at about 19000 pounds.

According to Ford’s executive director, the new Mondeo is a class leading technology that will ultimately place Ford at the peak in the premium car making industry

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