How to Successfully Maintain your Car: Tips for Budget Conscious Motorists

While it is common knowledge that you must book your car in for an annual MOT, motorists are generally loathe to invest in taking their car to the garage. This is largely a financial issue, as while the new car market in the UK has experienced 18 months of uninterrupted growth, consumers are still being forced to budget carefully when it comes to everyday expenditure. One way in which motorists could reduce their costs is to learn the fundamental principles of car maintenance, so that they can minimise the number of trips that they make to a professional garage without compromising their safety while out on the road.

How to Successfully Maintain your Car

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to successfully maintain your vehicle and cut the cost of car ownership? Consider the following: –

  1. Learn the Basic Arts of Car Maintenance: While car maintenance is a diverse and often complex art, there are basic tasks that remain well within the grasp of motorists. When you consider changing a tyre or the oil in your car, for example, these are relatively simple tasks that a large number of drivers are unable to perform. In addition to this, there are also evening and part time educational courses available that teach drivers how to carry out these tasks safely and without damaging their vehicle. During this process you can also learn about your car’s engine, and develop the capacity to perform basic diagnostics in the event of a breakdown.
  2. Understand your Limitations as an Amateur Mechanic: Depending on how quickly and effectively you manage to learn these basic tasks, you may well want to consider more complex faults and failures. This can be a false economy, however, as there are some car maintenance tasks that should be handled by qualified professionals due to their complexity and the impact that they have on driver safety. It is therefore important to understand your limitations as an amateur mechanic, and avoid performing any repair work that may undermine the performance of your car and cost considerable amounts to rectify.
  3. Invest in Professional Tools and Equipment: Once you have a basic understanding of specific car maintenance tasks, you can begin to carry these out on a regular basis. It is important that you invest in good quality tools and equipment, however, as otherwise you may undermine any repair work that you carry out. Suppliers such as SGS Engineering are an excellent source of professional grade tools and storage solutions, which will enable you to perform simple tasks effectively and further reduce the need for professional workmanship. While this may require an upfront investment, it delivers excellent value in terms of maintaining the look and performance of your vehicle.



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