Planning a UK Road Trip: Should you Use a Rental Vehicle?

While there are fears that British travel entrepreneurs are being hindered by stringent regulations in the current marketplace, the industry itself is in fairly good shape. The burgeoning economic recovery is encouraging a growing number of citizens to book holidays, whether they look to travel abroad or enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the UK. In fact, economic uncertainty is ensuring that domestic holidays retain their popularity in 2013, with road trips and coastal tours particularly sought after by cash conscious British travellers.

Planning your Road Trip: Should you Rent a Vehicle or Use your Own?

If you are planning a UK road trip, however, you will need to give careful consideration to your mode of transportation. More specifically, you should decide to whether to use your own vehicle or rent an alternative, as each option has it’s own unique benefits and potential pitfalls. Consider the following: -

Assessing the Risk Posed to your Vehicle

While taking your own car may seem like the most cost effective option, this may not be the case if you fail to fully appraise the potential risks posed by travelling. After all, you may rely on your car or motorcycle to transport you and your family on a daily basis, meaning that it plays an integral role in commuting to work and completing daily household errands. You should therefore balance the potential savings of using your own vehicle against the costs that may be incurred in the event of an accident while on the road, as you look to make a decision that protects your most significant financial assets.

The Impact of Diverse Terrain and Navigating a Safe Passage


The diversity of terrain is another important consideration when choosing whether or not to rent a vehicle, as your existing mode of transport may not be fit for purpose. If you have a standard domestic car but are expecting to encounter off-road trails on your travels, for example, you may be forced to rent a more suitable vehicle that guarantees your safety and comfort while on the road. It is therefore important to thoroughly research your proposed route and the types of terrain that you are likely to encounter, before making a final decision that reflects your findings.

Consider the Experience and Natural Landscape

With such serious financial considerations in mind, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that your holiday is intended to be a memorable and enjoyable trip. This must also play an influential role in your eventual decision, as otherwise you risk undermining the enjoyment that you get from your road trip. If you are visiting a picturesque coastal resort and are also qualified to ride a motorcycle, for example, you may wish to hire a vehicle that enables you to make the most of your surroundings. West Sussex Motorcycle Hire is a source of affordable rental deals, while it also boasts a diverse range of new and old models.

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