Junk Cars Chicago

Sometimes we need to sell our cars for good reason. Either we need the cash badly, the car has gotten too old or headed to the auto salvage yard or we simply want to trade it in for a new one. If this is your first time selling your vehicle, here are some tips to sell it quickly.

Sell via Junkyard or Cash For Junk Car Site

If your car has too many issues and no one wants to buy it, your best resort is to sell it as a scrap car. This means it will be picked off of usable parts and accessories and the remaining metal sold off as scrap. Call a reputable junkyard or a cash for junk car dealership and request for a quote. If you are in Illinois or close by, then we suggest the folks at Cash for Junk Cars Chicago. They are very reputable and will give you a very fair price.

Sell it to a Dealer

Probably the quickest way to sell a car is to simply trade it for a new one at the dealership. If you are looking to buying a new car and your vehicle still has a lien, this is a convenient way to go.  What usually happens is the dealership will assess the value of the car and the amount they will shave off on your new car.


  • Paperwork and process makes it easy to do
  • If you are going to purchase a car via the dealer, this is a good means to keep the price down for your new car
  • Absolutely no effort in looking for a buyer or going to the trouble of people having to test drive it
  • Easier to accomplish if there is an existing lien on the car


  • Less money compared to selling it privately
  • Dealerships are not willing to take damaged or run down cars
  • Excessive mileage is a disadvantage

Sell Through a Private Transaction

If you choose to sell your car through a private transaction there is a chance you can get more money from it but it may take more time than through a car dealership.  The first step is to determine the value of the car via the Kelly Blue Book. Factors like current condition of the vehicle, mileage and other associated issues can lower the value of the car.


If you owe money on the vehicle, the lender has the title for your car and you cannot complete the transaction without the lender transferring the title to the new buyer. You need to pay off the loan so that when it has cleared, you can then quickly transfer ownership.


How to Sell Your Junk Car Quickly