When playing with slot cars it is common for you to experience what is called de-slotting. It happens when your car gets pushed off the track. It can be an annoying issue when it happens. Here are some tips on how to prevent this problem.

What Happens During A Slot Cars Race?

Modern slot car systems are designed to keep de-slotting to a minimum. However, physics usually takes over when the slot car makes turns on the track.  “Normal” de-slotting usually happen when, the car usually spins out with the rear end getting off the track and then followed by the front part twisting the guide shoe out of the slot. This is what you can expect if your slot car has reached its traction limitations.

When this occurs at a low speed, you need to increase the rear down force and also your traction. You can do this by adding weight in the rear axle or upgrade the rear tires that will provide more grip.

Slot Cars Suddenly Flips Out

If your car suddenly flips out of the Carrera slot car tracks in a turn with both the front as well as the rear part virtually almost at the same time and the car rolls over, the cause may be a slot car with too high center of gravity or CG. If this is the case, you can add more magnets to raise the limit higher or simply try to get a lower center of gravity by adding some weight and then balancing it with magnets and some tires with better grips.Slot cars in the starting line

Slot Cars De-slotting While Turning Or In A Straight Track

If you experience de-slotting while in a turn or on a straight line while increasing speed, the cause may be the front end unloading and then letting the traction to push the guide shoe out of the slot. Your solution is to add weight to the front end of the car behind the front tires. You can start with 5 grams and increase it until the issue is solved. Normally you won’t use more than 15 grams to correct the problem.

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