Special 150th Nevada License Plates

The state of Nevada celebrates its 150th anniversary next year, and a series of events will be held during the next 12 months to mark the occasion. Nevada was admitted to the Union on October 31, 1864, becoming the 36th state, and each year on that date the state organizes special events to celebrate the admission to statehood. Since next year marks an important milestone in the state’s history, some pretty special and unique events will be organized that will celebrate its rich culture and heritage. The state’s DMV has decided to join the celebration, by issuing special license plates in honor of the 150th anniversary.

Nevada DMV will allow the state’s residents to be directly involved in the celebrations, by giving them the opportunity to obtain special license plates that will feature a design with raised white reflective letters on a dark blue background, along with the “Battle Born” emblem, which is the state motto. The design was picked by the governor’s office, Nevada Cultural Affairs Foundation, and the Nevada Sesquicentennial Planning Committee.

These commemorative plates became available at the end of July, and Nevada residents can obtain them for $33.50, along with a $20.00 annual fee. That is the fee for the standard plates, and if you want a personalized set of plates, you will have to pay $68.50, and a $30.00 annual fee. The Sesquicentennial license plates will be available for a limited time, and the DMV will stop issuing them on October 31, 2016.

Nevada Governor Sandoval said: “The 150th license plate is an important part of recognizing our state’s 150th anniversary. The proceeds from the plate will go towards supporting the year-long celebration, and I am thrilled that at the end of this month (July, 2013), motorists will be able to show their support for our great state.”

DMV Director Troy Dillard said in a press release: “The DMV is proud to help all Nevadans celebrate our 150th anniversary. These plates are one way nearly everyone can show pride in their state and celebrate an important milestone.”

As far as the production of the anniversary plates is concerned, DMV spokesman said that they won’t be made by prison inmates at a factory at the closed Nevada State Prison in Carson City. The DMV has decided to outsource the production to a company based in Oregon, instead. Irwin-Hodson Group of Portland, Oregon, will manufacture the plates, and will receive $7.50 for each pair of plates, and the DMV has ordered 8,500 sets of plates so far.

Nevada is not the only state that has issued commemorative license plates to celebrate an anniversary. The state of West Virgina celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebration, the state DMV offered a limited edition sesquicentennial license plates. West Virginia residents were able to get the special plates for free at an event that was held on June 22nd, and those who couldn’t make it that day, can apply for a commemorative license plate at any DMV office for a pro-rated fee.

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